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Procedural Viking Shield Collection

This one is part of my UE4 Viking Shield collection. It is created a 100% inside of Substance Designer. With the sbsar file you can change the leather stripes amount, the patterns, the tilling and the layout of the ornaments. I also included the SBS file for full custimication.

You can donwload the SBS and SBSAR files here:

Leather Diamond Pattern

A leather pattern I created on #substancesunday. It was inspired by allegorythmics lovely mattershots channel on Instagram. Check them out here:.

I also added two different methods for adding and adjusting the stitches. A simple one and a more complex one for custom stitches. 

Dynamic Fitness Weights

This is my dynamic fitness weight pack for the unreal marketplace. With the SBSAR File and the provided lp mesh you can change the text on the plates and export your custom textures for your own project. If you want to know how I set up the “auto weight by scale” function klick here

Railroad Trails (Weekly Substance Challenge)

This one was created for the Bi-Weekly Substance Challenge over at polycount. It´s paused right now but it might come back 2019 again.

Cork Material

This is a substance I created because there weren´t any great cork materials over at substance share

White Star Pattern

This one was for a project I did. The form is perfect for designer but had some challenges. It´s not as flexible as I wanted it to be. If you iterate on it please let me know your workflow. Would be interesting to see how others manage to get this form. 

Wooden Floor Tileson

A wooden floor material I found at the SAE institute in Cologne

Substance Tools

Substance Tools

Screw Generator

A generator I created for Substance Designer and Substance Painter. It´s an addition to the standart “screw tool” in Substance Painter but with much more flexibilities.

Cross Generator

A small, but convenient cross generator for Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

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