Rex – The Run Experience

Rex - The Run Experience

Rex was my bachelor project back in 2016. It was created in cooperation with Technogym, the worlds leading supplier for fitness equipment. The project was exhibited multiple times at different events and at gamescom. It combined two of my favourite hobbies. Fitness and VR. I truely believe that there is great potential for VR in sports.

People trained harder in VR compared to their non VR workout. In VR the resistance is not set “randomly” like on regular training machines. If the resistance grows there should always be a good reason for it. For example it is because you are climbing a hill.

People trained for a longer period of time while in VR. Afterwards they said the time passed really fast. This is a huge benefit for all cardio related trainings because you need to spent a certain amount of time training in order to get the desired results.

All the positive results were amazing. And we were able to increase them even more by intoducing different gamification elements like score, achievements and a ghost mode.

Watch this short Gamescom trailer to see Rex in action.

There are also some Viking Rage scenes 😉

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