small selection of games I worked on in the past. Check them out and play them. If you want I can also send you the unreal files for specific games. If you wanna create a similar game they might be of good use for you. Just send me s short mail and I will send you the download link.

The Sheep Hunter

This game was designed and managed by Jennifer Vidjaew. It´s a 2D shooter created in Unreal Engine 4. It has two different levels. You have to score at least 80% to get to the next level.  I put together all the assets in the engine, created the menu´s and did the programming. Check out the ingame credits for the whole team.

Stealth Whale Alpha

This is a little gamejam project I did at the BiB international college in Bergisch Gladbach. The name of the game was created with the beautiful Video Name Generator.

It was created in 24 Hours in the Unreal Engine 4. I was resonsible for texturing and every game engine part like special effects, programming and level creation.

Your goal is to dive as deep as you can, but be back on the top before you ran out of air.

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